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Global Public Voices in the Media

Launched in 2020, Global Public Voices promotes faculty’s public engagement in national debates and around the world. Partnering with Cornell media relations, our international studies experts weigh in on public policy questions, global current events, and more.

On this page, see how our Global Public Voices fellows and alumni are expanding the reach of Cornell’s expertise with their media appearances and op-eds.

Recent Global Public Voices

On CBC Radio Canada

iStock police officers surround demonstrators (Brazil)

Balance: Filipino Survivors Still Haunted

In Washington Post

Supreme Judicial Council building in Tunis 2022

Blackman: Presidential Power Grabs in Tunisia

Quoted in Fortune

European Worker

Florea: Rising Nationalism Echoes the 1930s

Global Public Voices Fellows

Hand placing ballot in voting box

Meet Our Current Fellows

In 2022–23, Global Public Voices fellows at Cornell are collaborating with Oxfam America staff and faculty from Cornell Global Hubs on the theme of democratic threats and resilience.

Global Public Voices Alumni at Cornell

2021–22 Fellows

Oumar Ba, Victoria Beard, Alexandra Blackman, Jamein Cunningham, Julia Finkelstein, Jenny Goldstein, Desirée LeClercq, Renata Leitão, Estelle McKee, Mostafa Minawi, Tejasvi Nagaraja, Annalisa Raymer, Landon Schnabel, Chantal Thomas, Hale Ann Tufan, Aditya Vashistha

2020–21 Fellows

Raymond Craib, Tao Leigh Goffe, Tristan Ivory, Karim-Aly Saleh Kassam, Ian Kysel, Saurabh Mehta, Linda Shi

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