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Critical Ottoman and Post-Ottoman Studies (CO+POS) highlights the latest in innovative research about Southwest Asia, North Africa, and Southeast Europe—a region encompassing the Turkic world, the Ottoman Empire, and its successor nation-states.

CO+POS gives scholars, artists, and practitioners a platform for challenging traditional understandings of this part of the world. From novel perspectives on the Ottoman Empire's architectural heritage to critical policy analyses of current events, CO+POS offers fresh approaches to the study of the dynamic region at the center of the Afro-Eurasia continent.

strip of tile mosaic pattern, Turkey

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map of Ottoman region

Iraq: From the Inside Out

Watch this November 1st CO+POS event. The webinar features Dr. Mohammed Qasim Al Ani (Architecture, Al Nahrain University, Iraq) and Dr. Saba Al Ali (Architecture, Al Nahrain University, Iraq) and was moderated by Dr. Esra Akcan (Architecture, Art, and Planning, Cornell University).

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Applications due Tuesday, Nov. 16

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strip of tile mosaic pattern, Turkey