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Studying populations on the move has never been more important. At the Einaudi Center, we are committed to furthering our global understandings of multispecies migration through interdisciplinary perspectives, working alongside Migrations: A Global Grand Challenge, part of Global Cornell.

In 2021, the initiative received $5 million from the Mellon Foundation Just Futures Initiative to advance the study of racism, dispossession, and migration. Our regular partnership with Migrations supports this work, including through an annual summer institute for emerging scholars, professional development for community college faculty, and regular migration-related events.

Refugee and Immigrant Health Team

The Einaudi Center’s Migrations team concentrates on improving the health and well-being of refugee and immigrant populations in the United States.  

Working at the nexus of law, medicine, and technology, the team is investigating how increasing immigrants’ knowledge about legal rights can help them engage with health care systems. The research is producing new digital tools to inform immigrants of their rights and increase their participation in health systems and public benefits. 

Gunisha Kaur (Weill Cornell Medicine) and Stephen Yale-Loehr (Cornell Law School) received dual funding to serve as Einaudi’s faculty fellows, leading a multicampus collaboration.

Faculty Fellows

Gunisha Kaur

Gunisha Kaur in a doctor's coat

Gunisha Kaur is an anesthesiologist specializing in global health and human rights, particularly among displaced populations. She serves as medical director of the Weill Cornell Center for Human Rights and as director of the Anesthesiology Global Health Initiative.  

Stephen Yale-Loehr

Stephen Yale-Loehr headshot

Stephen Yale-Loehr is a professor of immigration law practice at Cornell Law School and a counsel at Miller Mayer in Ithaca, New York. A coauthor of Immigration Law and Procedure, the leading treatise on U.S. immigration law, he works with refugees and people who are detained.


Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research

Natalie Bazarova

Natalie Bazarova is an associate professor of communication in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. She examines social-psychological and communication processes in social media and mobile interactions.


protestors on a street with signs

Migration Studies for Students


In the Einaudi Center’s migration studies minor, students explore the factors that influence migrants’ decisions to migrate and drive their departure, arrival, and integration into new societies. The minor is open to all Cornell undergraduates and includes courses from across the university. We also offer frequent migration-themed events and student funding opportunities.

Undergraduate Scholars

A new cohort of seven undergraduates is working with Migrations postdoctoral fellow Sabrina Axster this semester to contribute to Migrations initiative programming. They'll also complete one media project each that analyzes global, national, or local migration.

Migrations: A World on the Move

Migrations: A World on the Move

The Migrations: A World on the Move podcast engages scholars, artists, and activists on key migration themes. In the current season, the show is thinking about questions of waiting and how experiences of limbo, uncertainty, and delay are core to understanding the dynamics of migration.

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