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Seed Grants

The deadline for this opportunity has passed.
Application Deadline: December 18, 2023
Application Timeframe: Fall
Kassam climate/calendar research team in the field


The Einaudi Center's faculty seed grant program advances international research and education at Cornell and supports international activities and events.

We offer one cycle of funding annually, with applications opening in October and closing in December. Awards are announced in the spring. Read about the research Einaudi seeded in 2023.

Funding Priorities

Einaudi seed grants promote the work of internationally engaged Cornell faculty. The awards seed faculty's interdisciplinary research and educational initiatives and support international studies workshops and seminars organized under faculty leadership. All disciplines and topics are welcome. We give preference to proposals that align with the Einaudi Center's global research priorities.

Funding Criteria for Research

Successful research proposals will address the following criteria. The project: 

  • Engages faculty from across different disciplines and colleges.
  • Creates networks for international studies that connect scholars from across the university and around the world.
  • Generates new knowledge of key economic, environmental, social, cultural, or political questions in the world.
  • Produces long-term benefits to international studies at Cornell.

In addition, seed grants for research must launch external funding requests with high potential of securing follow-on funding.

Funding Criteria for Workshops and Events

Successful proposals for event support will address the following criteria. The event: 

  • Increases the global understanding and competence of faculty, students, international partners, and/or the general public.
  • Generates valuable discussion and knowledge of key economic, environmental, social, cultural, or political questions in the world.
  • Produces clear benefits to international studies at Cornell.


Not to exceed $10,000. 


Tenured and tenure-track Cornell faculty are eligible to apply as individuals or as a team. Faculty-led programs and centers across campus, in all Cornell colleges and schools, are also eligible for the awards.

  • Funding-eligible activities include data collection, travel, meetings, research assistance, public engagement initiatives, curricular development, conferences/workshops, and virtual networks.
  • Activities not eligible for funding include salary offset, summer salary, computers/equipment, student stipends, and tuition.

Note: The Einaudi Center will not accept proposals from previous awardees whose projects are still in progress or recipients who failed to submit a final report by the deadline stated in the award letter.

Evaluative Criteria 

Successful proposals will fulfill the following criteria. The proposal:

  • Is aligned with one or more of the Einaudi Center's global research priorities and themes (future cities; democratic threats and resilience; inequalities, identities, and justice; migrations; big data, artificial intelligence, and social media; one health; sustainable agri-food systems and development; sustainable infrastructure and energy).
  • Shows a high likelihood of generating new knowledge of key economic, environmental, social, cultural, or political problems in the world.
  • Produces long-term benefits to international studies at Cornell.
  • Includes a detailed dissemination and/or public engagement strategy.
  • Includes a methodologically sound assessment plan and clearly articulated deliverables.
  • Includes a budget appropriate for planned activities.
  • Includes a sustainable future funding plan.

Period of Activity

All funds must be used within one year of the award date.

How to Apply

Complete the seed grant funding application. Interested faculty must submit a proposal including the following:

  • Statement including objectives, activities, work plan, expected outputs, beneficiaries, and impact 
  • Plans for pursuing future research and external funding (for research)
  • Human subjects approval, where necessary (for research)
  • Detailed budget with justification of expenses
  • Curriculum vitae for principal faculty


Please email our academic programming staff if you have questions about the seed grant program or your application.

Additional Information