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Teaching Materials

The Einaudi Center and our regional programs offer classroom teaching materials from countries and cultures around the world. Unique textiles and artifacts, engaging books, and videos enhance student learning and engagement. Prepared by Cornell experts, our culture kits and digitized materials are tailored for K–12 and community college educators.

Culture Kits 

School children holding pots

Check out a culture kit and share the world with your students. In our Lending Library you can find curated collections of items from countries and cultures in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe—packaged and ready for your classroom.

The materials and props allow you to guide a hands-on curriculum in your classroom and create engaging, authentic activities for students. 

Culture kits include books, maps and posters, music, traditional artifacts, and more. Each culture kit’s contents is uniquely curated and may include a wide range of items, such as Thai shadow puppets, paper money and coins, calligraphy supplies, or elephant figurines.

Lending Library  

Our digitized Lending Library offers culture kits, plus more than one thousand books, music, and downloadable and web-based materials that cover the history, geography, and culture of places around the world, representing all of the Einaudi Center’s regional programs. The digital portal is simple to use and provides images, descriptive text, and keywords that make it easy to find what you need. Use the Lending Library to create a deeper understanding of foreign cultures and languages in your own classroom.

To access the Lending Library please contact the Einaudi Center's Outreach Coordinator.

Cultural Programming 

Do you have a live visit in mind? We will work with you to arrange a visit, lecture, or performance by Latin American, South Asia, and Southeast Asia specialists, visiting scholars, visiting artists, or upper-level graduate students. 

Questions? Email the Einaudi Center’s outreach coordinator.