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Lund Critical Debate

Noted experts in international affairs meet on Cornell’s campus for the Einaudi Center’s annual Lund Critical Debate. These debates on pressing issues in world news and policy are moderated by Einaudi Center faculty.

December 2020: The Police and the Public

Protests against racism and police brutality crescendoed in the United States and around the world in 2020. In the United States and internationally, how can we balance social justice, accountability, and personal freedom with demands for order and security?

Luís Carrilho, United Nations Police Adviser 

Christian Davenport, University of Michigan 

Moderator: Sabrina Karim (PACS)

Cornell Chronicle: Lund Critical Debate to Address Global Policing, Social Justice

Past Lund Debates

Sandra Fuentes-Berain, Mexico’s Ambassador Emeritus (left), and Roberta Jacobson, former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico (right).
Sandra Fuentes-Berain (left) and Roberta Jacobson; October 21, 2019.

2019: U.S.-Mexico Relations Under Trump

  • Sandra Fuentes-Berain, Mexican Ambassador Emeritus

  • Roberta Jacobson, Former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico

Cornell Chronicle: Ambassadors to Address Border Policy

Cornell Daily Sun: Status Quo or Radical Change?

2018: How Should We Engage With North Korea?

  • Soo-Hyuck Lee, South Korean Ambassador (since 2019)
  • Sue Mi Terry, Center for Strategic and International Studies

Cornell Chronicle: Success on North Korea a Question of Expectations