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EAP Faculty on the Ezra Klein Show

Jessica Chen Weiss (EAP) joins the Ezra Klein Show to warn of escalating tensions between Beijing and Washington. 

Town Hall on Feb. 2 at 6 p.m.

Join us to discuss global Blackness and the experience of being Black on campus – and finish out the night with refreshments and music.

Engendering China, Korean Film Series, Multimedia-art

This semester features 12 guest speakers, two symposia, a Korean film series at Cornell Cinema called, 'Power of Seeing,' the Annual Hu Shih...

Blogs from our students in the field here

CU in Cambodia 2023 Keep up with our students in the field here!

ASEAN Regionalism in a Global Perspective

Applications are now open for GETSEA’s Spring 2023 Mini-Course!
Laidlaw scholar Kobi Rassnick traveled to Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala, for his leadership in action experience. He worked with FARVets, a group based...

Eswar Prasad, SAP

“The government’s challenge now is to rebuild private-sector confidence, which will be essential to boost household consumption and private...

Recording now available

A recording of Brenda Yeoh (National University of Singapore)'s 12th Frank H. Golay Memorial Lecture, "Transnational Families and the Temporary...

Message from President Martha Pollack

"Whatever our students’ future path, the ability to think globally, and understand local issues in their global context, is essential."

Sarah Kreps, PACS

“Courts do not view this type of legislation kindly or did not when Trump proposed a similar ban. But that was three years ago and antagonism toward...