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Einaudi Director on Benin and Democracy

"Benin’s transition to democracy is a complete rupture from the past," Rachel Beatty Riedl tells the Democracy Paradox podcast.

Mary Jo Dudley, LACS

Mary Jo Dudley has been appointed to the National Advisory Council on Migrant Health.

Einaudi Faculty Research Addresses Supply Chain Shortage

Rebecca Nelson (IAD/LACS) is trying to bind urine’s nutrients onto biochar, a kind of charcoal, to enrich soil without chemical fertilizer.

Summer 2022 Internships in Ecuador

The Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program has 16 In-Person in Ecuador and 4 virtual interns working with Ecuador this summer. Thanks to funding...

AY '22-'23

Do your family members speak Quechua and you want to learn? Want to do Senior Thesis Research in Peru, Bolivia or Ecuador? Quechua Classes...

(AY 2022-2023)

Apply now for funding to study a Southeast Asian language via distance learning at another institution!
U.S. Fulbright student Amanda Cronin '21 shares a day in her life as an English teaching assistant in Argentina.

Rachel Bezner Kerr, Einaudi

“It does feel as though what we had in the report is just playing out in live stream when I read the news,” says Rachel Bezner Kerr, professor of...

Chris Barrett, IAD/SEAP

“It used to be that child stunting—the cumulative impact of poor nutrition and health—was basically every place that was poor,” says agriculture and...

Einaudi Migrations Postdoc on Today, Explained

"This is a crucial moment for what justice could look like in border spaces," says Eleanor Paynter.