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Global Education Faculty Fellows

Introducing Our Fellows

2019-20 Fellows

Jeremy Jiménez, PhD

Assistant Professor, Foundations & Social Advocacy Department, SUNY Cortland

SAP-SAC, SEAP Fellow Project: Environmental Justice in South and Southeast Asia to be incorporated into the required course for all education students, “Race, Class, Gender Issues in Education”

Shufang Shi Strause, PhD

Professor, Educational Technology in Childhood/Early Childhood Education, SUNY Cortland  

SEAP Fellow Project, Cultivating Cultural Competence, Global Perspective, and Digital Wisdom through the Lens of Critical Media Literacy

Louise C. Wilkinson, PhD

Distinguished Professor, Education, Psychology, & Communication Sciences, Syracuse University

SEAP Fellow Project: Learning about Mathematics Instruction for Myanmar Refugee Students: An Application for Instruction in US Schools

Vida Vanchan, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Geography and Planning, SUNY Buffalo State College

SEAP In-Country Travel Award: 2019 Winter Session to Cambodia, “Labor, Development, and Society” in collaboration with Professor Kuruvilla from Cornell’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations.