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Sarah Kreps, PACS

Sarah Kreps, professor of government, says Rupert Murdoch “has a particular ideological valence and most people know what that is, and that permeates...

Oumar Ba, PACS/GPV

“The ICC must brace itself for the flurry of attacks that will come its way — from Israel and its Western allies,” says Oumar Ba, assistant professor...

Karim-Aly Kassam, Global Public Voices

Kassam's guest column reflects on the Cornell student protests that ended on May 13. He writes, "The peaceful protests at Cornell University have been...

Announcing 2024 Faculty Seed Awards

Read about results from last year's awards and new awards supporting internationally engaged faculty from six colleges and schools.

Victoria Beard, SEAP/GPV

“There is an element of climate change that’s contributing to these conditions that we find ourselves in, but there’s also a very strong human-built...

Led by Past GPV Fellow and Einaudi's Migrations Fellow

Law faculty Jaclyn Kelley-Widmer and Steve Yale-Loehr are launching a nonprofit venture to help DACA recipients get legal permanent residency.

Linda Shi, GPV

Linda Shi, assistant professor of city and regional planning, discusses flooding in Dubai.

Landon Schnabel, GPV

“Polling consistently shows a majority of Americans support legal abortion in most/all cases, especially early in pregnancy. There is no public...

Maggie Gardner, Einaudi

Maggie Gardner, professor of international law, explains the differences between Donald Trump and Bernie Madoff's legal cases.

Christine Bacareza Balance, SEAP/GPV

"Revisiting Apocalypse Now: Hollywood in a Time and Place of Philippine Martial Law" features Global Public Voices alum Christine Bacareza Balance...