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Landon Schnabel, GPV Fellow

Landon Schnabel, assistant professor of sociology, co-authors this opinion piece about why more Americans have been changing political parties. 

Jenny Goldstein Quoted in Washington Post

In Malaysia, “the oil palm industry is basically an arm of the government,” Goldstein said.

Landon Schnabel in Scientific American

April 2021: Schnabel found that, paradoxically, religion protected mental health but endangered physical health. This pattern was present across...

Linda Shi Quoted in Medical News Today

Linda Shi is critical of the government’s lack of accountability. “Climate change is redrawing the landscape of areas suitable for human habitation,”...

Tao Leigh Goffe Quoted in Bloomberg

As Tao Leigh Goffe says, soul food is “adapted from high-calorie fuel rationed to enslaved people to eat in order to perform backbreaking labor.”

Ian Kysel Mentioned in Forbes

Andrew Tisch of Forbes: "I had a chance to speak recently with Lazaro and Merlys from their temporary home in Kentucky, along with Ian Matthew Kysel,...

Kassam Develops Climate Calendars

Global Public Voices fellow Karim-Aly Kassam works with Indigenous and rural people to create community-specific ecological calendars.

Saurabh Mehta in Lancet

Tuberculosis is a major contributor to the global burden of disease, causing more than a million deaths annually. This Lancet article assesses the...

Linda Shi Quoted by AP

Linda Shi, Global Public Voices, said there are limits to what infrastructure improvements such as larger storm pipes and road elevation can bring.

Karim-Aly Kassam Remembers Lives Lost in Afghanistan

In The Hill: Global Public Voices fellow says those who died in service "will be remembered by an entirely new generation of young Afghans."