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World in Focus Briefs

Research and Policy Insights from Einaudi Experts

Explore recent research publications and op-eds by our faculty. Their global perspectives help put our world in focus.

Magnus Fiskesjö has published a chapter on the Wa ethnic group in a new volume, Chasing Traces: History and Ethnography in the Uplands of Socialist Asia, edited by Pierre Petit and Jean Michaud.
Robert Hockett recently published a paper, The "Socialization of Investment," in CRADLE's new open-access Law and Economics Papers series.
In an op-ed in The Hill, Allen Carlson (EAP) describes how U.S. electoral math could undermine already delicate relations with China: "Biden and Trump will be viewing China ... via the looking glass of how to win the White House."
Eswar Prasad (SAP) analyzes economic growth in the United States, India, and China in this April op-ed: "The adverse effects of economic nationalism and trade protectionism are likely to hit smaller developing countries the hardest."
Magnus Fiskesjö recently updated the Uyghur bibliography he began in 2017. The bibliography is hosted by the Uyghur Human Rights Project, "one of the most active and well-known organizations dedicated to the issue," he says.
"Revisiting Apocalypse Now: Hollywood in a Time and Place of Philippine Martial Law" features Global Public Voices alum Christine Bacareza Balance discussing the film's cultural and political meanings.
Bryn Rosenfeld (IES) and her coauthors explain why Putin's approval ratings "are far from a reliable indicator of popular support for the war."
"With the spring 2024 primary upon us, social scientists can draw lessons from Europe’s past. Our task is to figure out which lessons are meaningful in the current American moment," writes IES director Mabel Berezin in the Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science.
In this PBS video produced with Cornell's Migrations initiative, CMSP director Eric Tagliacozzo describes how trade, religion, and smuggling shaped migration trends and cultural exchange in Southeast Asia.
Esra Akcan (IES) and Iftikhar Dadi (SAP) announce the release of their new edited volume on the art and architecture of 20th-century partitions and Muslim diasporas in Europe.