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Global Public Voices Fellows

Global Public Voices fellows from Cornell are working with nonprofit and international partners to expand the reach of Cornell’s academic expertise to new audiences. See Global Public Voices in the Media.

Cornell Fellows

Associate Professor, Performing and Media Arts and Asian American Studies
Christine Bacareza Balance's research focuses on performance studies, popular music/culture studies, critical Filipino/Filipino American studies, and transnational Asian American studies.
Clinical Professor, Law
Elizabeth Brundige’s research focuses on law/gender justice, and international human rights.
Senior Lecturer of Management; Director, Emerging Markets Institute, S. C. Johnson Graduate School of Management
Lourdes Casanova’s work focuses on environmental policy, government, politics, and policy studies as well as emerging multinationals from Brazil and Latin America.
Assistant Professor, Department of Government
Richard Clark’s research focuses on international organization, international political economy, and international relations.
Senior Lecturer, Cornell Brooks School of Public Policy
Alexandra Dufresne's research focuses on law and policy, children's rights, refugee rights, and state-level policy and advocacy.
Assistant Professor, History
Cristina Florea’s research revolves around nationalism, empire, statehood, war, and regime change in nineteenth and twentieth-century Eastern Europe.
Associate Clinical Professor of Law, Cornell Law School
Jaclyn Kelley-Widmer’s research focuses on immigration and human rights.
Assistant Director of Programs and Pedagogical Innovation, ILR
Stephen Kim’s research focuses on critical dialogue; feminist, gender, and sexuality studies; ethnic studies; and early modern literature and culture.
Clinical Professor of Law, Associate Dean for Experiential Education, and Clinical Program Director
Beth Lyon’s research focuses on deportation defense, migrant rights, and xenophobic hate speech.
Assistant Professor, Applied Economics and Policy
Wendong Zhang’s research focuses on agricultural and environmental economics, Chinese agriculture, agricultural trade, water conservation, and farmland markets.

Global Hubs, Oxfam, and Visiting Fellows

Visiting Scholar
Sharif Hozoori’s area of research is Afghanistan politics and foreign policy, ethnic identity, South Asia politics, cultural studies, and conflict resolution and peace.