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Global Public Voices Fellows

Global Public Voices fellows from Cornell are working with international partners to expand the reach of Cornell’s academic expertise to new audiences. See Global Public Voices in the Media.

Cornell Fellows

Professor, History

Raymond Craib's research and teaching interests revolve around the intersections of space, politics, and everyday practice.

Collaborator: José Ragas
Assistant Professor, Africana Studies and Research Center

Tao Leigh Goffe is an assistant professor of literary theory and cultural history with a joint appointment in the Africana Studies and Research Center and Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program.

Collaborator: David Dabydeen
Assistant Professor, International and Comparative Labor

Tristan Ivory's research is principally concerned with sub-Saharan African geographic, social, and economic mobility.

Collaborator: Guilherme Kenjy Chihaya Da Silva
International Professor of Environmental and Indigenous Studies

As a 2020–21 Global Public Voices fellow, Kassam is collaborating with Frederick R. McDonald.

Visiting Assistant Clinical Professor, Law

Ian Kysel is a core faculty member in Cornell Law School's Migration and Human Rights Program and codirects the Asylum and Convention Against Torture Appellate Clinic.

Collaborator: Maya Sahli-Fadel
Associate Professor, Global Health, Epidemiology, and Nutrition

As a 2020–21 Global Public Voices fellow, Mehta is collaborating with Juan Pablo Peña-Rosas.

Assistant Professor, City and Regional Planning

Linda Shi's research and professional practice focus on urban environmental governance and advancing planning policies to manage the urban climate transition in ways that improve social equity.

Collaborator: Colleen Chiu-Shee

International Fellows

Global Public Voices Fellow

Sherna Alexander Benjamin is a systems advocate, practitioner, facilitator, and consultant based in Trinidad and Tobago. As a 2020–21 Global Public Voices fellow, she is collaborating with Einaudi Center director Rachel Riedl.

Global Public Voices Fellow

Guilherme Kenjy Chihaya Da Silva is a research fellow at the Department of Geography, Umeå University, Sweden.

Collaborator: Tristan Ivory
Global Public Voices Fellow

Colleen Chiu-Shee is a PhD candidate in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Collaborator: Linda Shi
Global Public Voices Fellow

David Dabydeen is director of the Centre for Caribbean Studies and emeritus professor at the Centre for British Comparative Cultural Studies, University of Warwick.

Collaborator: Tao Leigh Goffe
Global Public Voices Fellow

Frederick R. McDonald is an award-winning painter, photographer, and poet. He is a member of the Fort McKay First Nation, Alberta, Canada.

Collaborator: Karim-Aly Saleh Kassam
Global Public Voices Fellow

Juan Pablo Peña-Rosas is the head of global initiatives in the World Health Organization's Department of Nutrition and Food Safety.

Collaborator: Saurabh Mehta
Global Public Voices Fellow

José Ragas is an assistant professor of history, science, and technology studies at Universidad Catolica, Chile. Previously, he was a Mellon postdoctoral fellow in Cornell's Department of Science and Technology.

Collaborator: Raymond Craib
Global Public Voices Fellow

Maya Sahli-Fadel is a law professor at the University of Algiers.

Collaborator: Ian Kysel