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Migration Studies Minor

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Do you want to understand how human migration shapes our world on the move? In the Einaudi Center’s new migration studies minor, you explore the factors that influence migrants’ decisions to migrate and drive their departure, arrival, and integration into new societies. The minor is open to all Cornell undergraduates and includes courses from across the university.

About the Minor 

The migration studies minor is a university-wide, interdisciplinary undergraduate minor focused on the historical and contemporary contexts and factors that drive international migration and shape migrant experiences around the globe. The minor dovetails with Global Cornell’s Global Grand Challenge: Migrations

You’ll have the opportunity to investigate the complex global issue of migration from multiple perspectives and disciplinary lenses and participate in migration-themed events and opportunities at the Einaudi Center and across campus.

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Meet a Migration Studies Minor

Vanessa Olguin '22 is a government major, migration studies minor, and undergraduate migrations scholar.

She talks about how her work has has connected her with internationally focused faculty in this Einaudi Student Path video.

How to Apply

You may complete the form as early as your sophomore year, but you must declare your intent to participate by the end of your sixth semester in order to qualify. There is no GPA requirement for admission to the minor, but you must be in good academic standing.  

Contact the administrative coordinator if you have further questions. Faculty advisor Debra Castillo is an additional resource for migration studies minors. 

Additional Information

Academic Type

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