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Global Public Voices

Black Lives Matter June 2020 protest in Manchester, UK

The Einaudi Center’s new Global Public Voices initiative promotes Cornell faculty’s public engagement on campus, in national debates, and around the world.

As a Global Public Voices faculty fellow, you’ll have the opportunity to partner with an international colleague—or we’ll match you with a new collaborator in your region of interest. You’ll work in tandem to expand the reach of Cornell’s academic expertise to new audiences in the United States and abroad.

Thought Leadership for Global Publics

New barriers are being erected in our world today, and governments and their citizens alike are turning inward. The global order of unequal exchange and mobility affects every aspect of society, but the consequences are unevenly distributed.

Global Public Voices seeks to address these inequities by elevating the scholarship and voices of faculty thought leaders. Thought leadership is using our academic research and expertise to speak to questions of our times—to reach, inform, and influence broad and diverse publics. In doing so, we can expand public understanding in line with scientific knowledge. At the same time, thought leaders will be informed by global publics, leading to new and necessary approaches to international studies.

We aim to promote a diverse set of scholars across contextual and geographical divides and bring together scholars, thinkers, and makers who are likely to see new solutions and envision a more just and secure future.

Theme 2020–2021: Global Racial Justice

The Einaudi Center supports public scholarship, thought leadership, and advocacy campaigns for antiracism and racial justice in education, migration and citizenship regimes, climate and land policy, economic opportunities, food systems, health, politics, and policing. Read more about Einaudi’s racial justice research.

Black Lives Matter June 2020 protest in Manchester, UK
Black Lives Matter protest in Manchester, England. June 2020. Learn about Einaudi's racial justice research.


Applications are closed.


$1,000 research award. As fellows for the 2020–2021 academic year, each pair of faculty will also receive:

  • Media and outreach training

  • Media Relations Office contacts and support
  • Public-facing promotion, including video
  • Opportunities for policy brief writing and events
  • Support in pursuit of external funding
  • Monthly fellows’ dialogues on vision, goals, and practice

Global Public Voices fellows are eligible to seek AY2020–2021 Einaudi seed funding to support their public scholarship.


Applications are open to all tenure-track faculty and academic staff who seek to engage with new public audiences. This includes professors of the practice, clinical professors, and lecturers; this cycle is not open to postdoctoral fellows and associates.

You may apply to partner with an international colleague or an existing international team. If you don't have an international partner at the time of your application, please leave the partner field blank in your application. If you are selected, we’ll work with you and our regional networks to identify a new collaborator in your region of interest.

Participants must commit to attending monthly virtual dialogues and producing at least two forms of public scholarship during the yearlong program. We are committed to building a cohort that is inclusive across all identities and backgrounds. We will take into account a variety of factors, including but not limited to race/ethnicity, geography, age, gender, and area of expertise.

Please email Einaudi director Rachel Beatty Riedl with any inquiries.

Skills Training and Tentative Schedule

Global Public Voices provides training to fellows seeking to engage in media and public debates. The program will share strategies to shape public and policy priorities while educating diverse audiences and help you amplify your research and voice through international dissemination networks.

Monthly dialogues provide professional development opportunities to explore value and meaning in global engagement. We will discuss advancing the role of Cornell University and its faculty in making and exchanging knowledge and how we add value pedagogically and through international collaborations.

Virtual Dialogues

  • October | Setting the Stage: Making Knowledge in a Global Era
  • November | Building a Global Scholarly Profile: Expertise and Voice
    • Training session: Media Relations team on media presence, considering your expertise, and public profile
  • December | Op-Ed Training
    • Training session: Media Relations op-ed experts
  • January | Outreach and Extension: Planning Globally
    • Strategy session: Institute for International Education and Einaudi outreach coordinator
  • February | Grant Writing and Funding Landscapes
    • Training session: Einaudi grant writing expert
  • March | Policy Briefs: Report Writing and Events
  • April | University Models of Public Exchange: Institutional Supports and Reforms

Additional Information