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How non-state welfare is sustaining democratic struggle

Myanmar’s Spring Revolution is now in its third year since the February 2021 military coup. Despite facing brutal repression including arson attacks...

March 27: Hybrid Event

Millions have risen up in Myanmar since a coup d’état removed the country’s democratically elected leader — the topic of a March 27 SEAP panel.

Einaudi Directors Defend Hubs, Academic Freedom

Rachel Beatty Riedl and program directors: "Global Hubs seek to build partnerships and create spaces that advance knowledge and understanding.”

Research, Funding, Events, and More

At Einaudi you’ll find opportunities—opportunities to build connections with faculty and graduate students across disciplines, apply for research...

Allen Carlson, CMSP/EAP/SAP/SEAP

“Qin Gang's statements seemed sort of abrasive and combative. But, you could look back to the recent hearing that was held by the new House Committee...

Priority application deadline: March 15

The Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute (SEASSI) is an eight-week intensive language training program for undergraduates, graduate students,...

Deadline March 13

The deadline is approaching for our Postdoctoral Fellowship! 

Open now! Apply by March 10

PhD students: Conduct your international field research with a $10,000 award. Read about Vincent Mauro’s 2021–22 award and find out how to apply.

Come work with the SEAP team

The Program Manager oversees SEAP’s administrative operations and is responsible for the overall implementation and coordination of the program’s...

Undergrad Researchers in the Daily Sun

Summer research opportunities for undergraduates include global internships and travel awards from Einaudi's regional and thematic programs.