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Global Research Priorities

At the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies, we work together to fulfill Cornell’s powerful mandate to engage with and transform the world. Our faculty, postdocs, visiting scholars, and students cross disciplinary lines to tackle some of the world’s most pressing problems. We focus on issues and topics where the stakes for ordinary citizens are high and informed public voices about the conditions that shape our lives are critically needed.  

Here are some of the Einaudi Center’s top research themes and the cross-cutting teams creating new research paths. 

Research Themes

Racial Justice

Black Lives Matter June 2020 protest in Manchester, UK

Public scholarship for global racial justice and accountability


Mother and baby whale in the ocean

Researching, teaching, and building for a world on the move

Democratic Resilience

People at a protest

Global challenges to democracy and evolving democratic norms

Plantations' Global Legacies

tea plantation crops in rows

A Conversation on the Plantationocene

Interdisciplinary Research Teams 

Sculptures in a law library

Development, Law, and Economics   

Economic and social growth, global governance, and the law

Person working on laptop


Rights and risks for global digital networks 

Firefighter Walking into Burning Building


International disaster preparedness, recovery, and resilience

Woman working in a garden

Quality of Life

Intersections among ecological and bodily health