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Focus: Ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine constitutes the first major land war in Europe in decades. It threatens lives across the region, the post–Cold War international order, and the stability of the global economy.

On this page: Einaudi experts provide analysis of the Ukraine crisis that helps put our world in focus.

Einaudi Center Statement of Solidarity

Ukraine flag flying blue sky

March 3: Einaudi, IES, and PACS Directors Condemn Russian Attack

The invasion violates international law, the principles of national sovereignty, and basic human rights.

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Global Cornell: Support and How to Help

Visit Global Cornell's War in Ukraine advocacy page for more university statements and resources for the campus community and Cornell's Ukrainian and Russian students, faculty, and staff.

Op-eds and Insights

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War in Ukraine Reshapes World Order

Dmitry Bykov and Pedro X. Molina

Expert Voices at Einaudi

Explore these selected experts, and find more of our world-class regional, historical, and comparative experts at Einaudi's Institute for European Studies and Judith Reppy Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies. The Einaudi Center works closely with Cornell's Media Relations Office. Check out recent news tip sheets.

Mabel Berezin

Mabel Berezin | European impacts

Dmitry Bykov in Ithaca, March 2022. Photo: Jon Miller

Dmitry Bykov | Putin, Russia's decline

Matrhew Evangelista

Matthew Evangelista | war, Russian politics

Cristina Florea headshot

Cristina Florea | Ukrainian history

Sarah Kreps

Sarah Kreps | politics, national security

Nicholas Mulder

Nicholas Mulder | economic sanctions

Byrn Rosenfeld headshot

Bryn Rosenfeld | regime transitions

Stephen Yale-Loehr headshot

Stephen Yale-Loehr | human rights, migration

Events and Videos

May 13: Ukraine: War, Economy, Path to Rebuilding

Ukrainian flag painted on wall

Now in its third month, the unfolding crisis in Ukraine has killed thousands, displaced millions, and destroyed civil infrastructure throughout the country. This hybrid event features a panel of Ukrainian experts discussing the war, economy, and the path to rebuilding.

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On Video: Russia's War on Ukraine

A panel of Einaudi experts discusses Russian foreign policy, Ukrainian security response, human rights and migration, economic sanctions’ impact, and international and European consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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