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Emeritus and Retired Faculty

Retired Professor, Graduate School

Thak Chaloemtiarana retired from the Department of Asian Studies and as director of the Southeast Asia Program in 2010. He retains appointments in the Graduate School in the fields of Asian literature, religion and culture, and Asian studies.

Professor Emeritus, Music

From 1980 until his retirement in 2011, Martin Hatch taught courses in music and musical traditions of Africa and Asia, elementary music theory, the history of American music, and ethnomusicology in Cornell University’s Department of Music and Department of Asian Studies.

Professor Emeritus, Art History and Asian Studies

In 1964, before he completed his PhD, Stan O'Connor was invited to become an in­structor in the Department of the History of Art; this was the first university-level appointment in America of a specialist in the field of Southeast Asian art. In 1971, he was appointed full professor.

Professor Emeritus, Anthropology and Asian Studies

James Siegel retired from full-time teaching in 2007. He is the last of the second-generation SEAP faculty to retire. Like other emeritus SEAP faculty, he retains an office at the Kahin Center and is available to help mentor future scholars of Southeast Asia.

Professor Emeritus, Asian Studies

Keith Taylor became interested in Vietnam as a result of his U.S. Army service in the Vietnam War. He earned his PhD in 1976 at the University of Michigan. He subsequently taught in Japan and Singapore for several years before returning to the United States in 1987.

Faculty Director, Migration Studies Minor

Lindy Williams is a professor emerita in the Department of Global Development.

Professor Emeritus, Linguistics and Asian Studies

Research Interests: Historical linguistics, lexicography, Austronesian linguistics