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Cornell offers four levels of study in Burmese, Indonesian, Khmer, Tagalog, Thai, and Vietnamese. View this semester's language course offerings here.


Taught by Yu Yu Khaing, Burmese is a language of Myanmar. Nisa Burns ('21) received a Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship to study Burmese, and used her Burmese while traveling in Myanmar with SEAP support. 

A flyer listing the six Southeast Asian languages taught at Cornell, placed on a table and surrounded by Southeast Asian snacks


Taught by Jolanda Pandin, Indonesia is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Cornell is an excellent place to study Indonesian, as SEAP publishes a semi-annual journal on Indonesian culture, history, government, economy, and society. Student of Indonesian are well-positioned for scholarship opportunities like the Darmasiswa Scholarship Program, or summer internship opportunities with organizations like AIFIS. 


Taught by Hannah Phan, Khmer is the national language of Cambodia. Students have interned for organizations like the Center for Khmer Studies, which also hosts an eight-week study abroad program in Cambodia for undergraduates. SEAP has also previously run a two or three week immersive experience in Cambodia during the winter session - a great opportunity to practice your Khmer!

Two students signing up for more information at a table advertising the six Southeast Asian languages taught at Cornell.


Taught by Maria Theresa Savella, Tagalog forms the basis for Filipino, the national language of the Philippines, and is the fourth most spoken language in the US (as of 2017). Philippine studies has a long history at Cornell, and learning Tagalog/Filipino is the best way to dive into studying the country. 


Taught by Ngampit Jagacinski, Thai is the official language of Thailand. Students of Thai might be well-placed for study abroad opportunities like TEAN Semester in Thailand


Taught by Thuy Tranviet, Vietnamese is the official language of Vietnam and the fifth most spoken language in the US (a of 2017). Students can take advantage of Cornell in Vietnam, another winter session opportunity to get to Southeast Asia!

Language Stickers

Come pick up some stickers for your laptop or water bottle in the SEAP office, 180 Uris Hall!

A sticker with the text "Learn Burmese @SEAPCornell" with a phrase in Burmese.
"Education is like a golden pot which nobody can steal."
A sticker with the text "Learn Indonesian @SEAPCornell," and a phrase in Indonesian.
"Wisdom of the rice plant: The fuller it is [e.g., full of knowledge metaphorically], the humbler it becomes."
A sticker with the text "Learn Khmer @SEAPCornell," and a phrase in Khmer
"Go with the flow."
A sticker with the text "Learn Tagalog @SEAPCornell," and a phrase in Tagalog.
"If you plant, you harvest. You reap what you sow."
A sticker with the text "Learn Thai @SEAPCornell," and a phrase in Thai.
"Fight on/don't give up."
A sticker with the text "Learn Vietnamese @SEAPCornell," with a phrase in Vietnamese.
"A day of traveling can bring so much wisdom."