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Testimonies of Migration in the Classroom

Forty elementary, middle, and high school educators from across New York State participated in the 2023 International Studies Summer Institute (ISSI),...

Jeremy Wallace, EAP

“There is a real irony of climate extremes here because the principal fear in Beijing has always been not enough water and desertification, but the...

Magnus Fiskesjö, EAP/SEAP/PACS

Magnus Fiskesjö, associate professor of anthropology, discusses extrajudicial show trials in China in this opinion essay. 
In Imperial China, the idea of filial piety not only shaped family relations but was also the official ideology by which Qing China was governed....

Jessica Chen Weiss, EAP

Jessica Chen Weiss, professor of government, discusses the meeting between Secretary of State Antony Blinken and China's leader, Xi Jinping.

Jessica Chen Weiss, EAP

“Given the current levels of mistrust and tension in the relationship, a good outcome would be a better understanding of each side’s concerns and red...

Magnus Fiskesjö

The latest smear campaign succeeded beyond China’s wildest dreams by playing into Western ignorance about Tibetan culture – and self-righteous “cancel...

Eli Friedman, EAP

Eli Friedman, associate professor at ILR, discusses post-Covid factory strikes in China.