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Minawi Wins Middle East Studies Association Book Prize

Mostafa Minawi has received MESA's Albert Hourani Book Award for "Losing Istanbul: Arab-Ottoman Imperialists and the End of Empire."

Allen Carlson, CMSP/EAP/SAP

Allen Carlson, associate professor of government, writes about the meeting between President Joe Biden and President Xi Jinping at APEC Leaders’ Week...

Work with global practitioners, community NGOs, or faculty conducting...

Join a project with a global practitioner, connect with faculty conducting international research, or work for a business or NGO in one of our Global...

Allen Carlson, CMSP

Allen Carlson, associate professor of government, joins CTV News to discuss the meeting between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping. 

Undergraduate Research and Leadership

Laidlaw "allowed me to be intensely involved with my professor’s research," says Eli Newell ’24. Meet the scholars and find out how to apply.

Speak Up for Global Free Speech

Make your voice heard as a student leader in Cornell's freedom of expression theme year. We welcome applications from writers, scholars, activists and...

Campus Resources for Cornell's Global Community

On this new page, Global Cornell gathers campus services to help students, faculty, and staff cope with international conflict and turbulent times.

Next Generation’s Initiative Conference

“If you block peaceful politics, then you make room for unpeaceful politics,” said a presenter at the Sept. 9 conference at Cornell.

Mostafa Minawi, CO+POS

Cornell Daily Sun coverage: Following the developments in Sudan, the Critical Ottoman and Post-Ottoman Studies initiative of the Mario Einaudi Center...

Einaudi Seed Grants Finding Fertile Soil

Read about new awards and research funded in 2022, including Alex Flecker (Amazon aquaculture) and Victoria Beard (Global Survey of City Leaders).