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Sarah Kreps, PACS

“All of the signs coming out of the administration are that even if many of the individuals are the same as a decade ago, the policies will not be,”...

Chris Barrett, IAD and SEAP

“The risk of food price spikes is driving people into diets or undernutrition who don't need to be there. We've got to find ways to both temper demand...

Robert H. Frank, Einaudi

This opinion piece references an op-ed written by Robert Frank, emeritus professor of economics, in The New York Times in which Frank argues that many...

Morgan Irons, LASP

This article about how scientists are working to find ways to sustainably grow food in alien environments mentions research by Morgan Irons, Ph.D....

Sarosh Kuruvilla, SAP and SEAP

Sarosh Kuruvilla, professor of industrial relations, Asian studies and public affairs, discusses the factory industry in China.

Qi Wang, EAP

Qi Wang (EAP) reviews research about human memory.

Darin Self, SEAP

Darin Self, SEAP PhD candidate in government, cowrites this opinion piece on why Myanmar’s military seized control. 

Kaushik Basu, SAP

Kaushik Basu, professor of economics, writes this opinion piece about which counties are likely to be the biggest economic success stories.

Jessica Chen Weiss, EAP

Jessica Chen Weiss (EAP) an associate professor at Cornell University, has noted that, “nationalists view their activities as helping the Chinese...

Rebecca Slayton, PACS

In the latest H-Diplo | ISSF Policy Series, Jason Ludwig (PhD candidate, STS) and PACS director Rebecca Slayton write on structural inequality in...