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Keeping the World Near

Uris Hall autumn campus scene
September 8, 2021

Fall 2021 Einaudi Center News

From Rachel Beatty Riedl: "The world is full of inequities in access. Our work at home and abroad addresses these inequities." Read more ...

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Director's Message

As we start a new academic year, the world seems both near and far. We are limited in mobility, but ever more connected with our global counterparts, addressing challenges that unite us all: pandemics and health systems, climate change and resiliency, technology and adaptive design, inequality and social justice. 

President Pollack’s community welcome shared two lessons that are foundational to Einaudi’s mission. The first—to respect knowledge—is at the heart of our role at Cornell to educate the next generation of global citizens. The second—to be kind—will always inform our approach to international studies. The world is full of inequities in access: to knowledge, to resources, to a public platform and voice. Our work at home and abroad addresses these inequities. 

Our Global Public Voices initiative is one of many examples. Last year we welcomed an inaugural cohort of Cornell faculty from across all colleges, each in partnership with an international colleague. Together, the fellows produced op-eds and art, policy briefs, and television specials. Together, we shared knowledge and kindness with each other and with the world. In the year ahead, I look forward to partnering with our incredible faculty across the university to forge ahead in our shared work, keeping the world near.

Rachel Beatty Riedl, Einaudi Center Director

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