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Cornell Classical Chinese Colloquium 古文品讀

The Cornell Classical Chinese Colloquium (CCCC) 古文品讀 is a reading group for scholars interested in premodern Sinographic (古文) text. The group typically meets monthly during the semester to explore a variety of classical Chinese texts and styles. Other premodern texts linked to classical Chinese in Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese have been explored. Presentations include works from the earliest times to the 20th century. Workshop sessions are lead by local, national, and international scholars.

Fall 2021 CCCC Schedule

photo of colloquium session people with slide of incense burner in the background
CCCC session with Professor Bruce Rusk reading text on historical incense burners.

All are welcome, with any level of experience with classical Chinese. 

A stone engraved in classical Chinese
  • At each session, a participant presents a classical Chinese text. Attendees discuss historical, literary, linguistic, and other aspects of the text, working together to resolve difficulties in comprehension and translation.

  • No preparation is required, all texts will be distributed at the meeting.

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