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Seminars / Reading Group

Afghanistan One year later Event Audience

PACS Seminar Series

The Spring 2023 PACS seminar series is co-sponsored by the Gender and Security Sector Lab. We will meet online and in-person in Uris G-08 from 11:25 AM-12:40 PM on Thursdays.

Authors will lead a discussion of their works by delivering a formal talk followed by Q&A. There will be a pre-circulated reading, which will be sent to participants upon registration. The authors and readings for this term will focus on linking graduate students to their interests as well as focus on political violence broadly speaking.

Visitors and event attendees should stay home if they feel ill, and are strongly encouraged to take an antigen test in advance of visiting campus or attending an event. Masks are not required in most spaces on campus; however, they are highly encouraged. It is well established that wearing a high-quality mask while indoors reduces the risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19. The university does not check vaccination status for campus visitors; however, visitors are encouraged to have received a primary COVID-19 vaccine series and be up to date on eligible boosters. More information can be found here

Spring 2023

February 2
Abby Córdova, University of Notre Dame
Gendering the Police: Evaluating the Effects of Women’s Police Stations

February 9
Regina Bateson, University of Ottawa
Vigilantism as Contentious Politics
In-Person | Uris Hall, G08

February 16
Shannon Philip, University of East Anglia
A City of Men? Masculinities and Everyday Gendered Violences in Urban India

March 2
Tejasvi Nagaraja, Cornell University
Decolonization, Racial Capitalism, and the Global War-Work Mutiny of 1946
In-Person | Uris Hall, G08

March 9
Mary Barton, U.S. government
Counterterrorism Between the Wars: An International History, 1919-1937
In-Person | Uris Hall, G08

March 23
Nazmul Sultan, University of British Columbia
Waiting for the People: The Idea of Democracy in Indian Anticolonial Thought

March 30
Sean Fear, University of Leeds
Assessing Saigon’s “Year of Sand”: The 1968 Tet Offensive and Rise and Fall of South Vietnam’s Second Republic 1967-1975

April 13
Christopher Blair, Princeton University
Border Fortification and Legibility: Evidence from Afghanistan
In-Person | Uris Hall, G08

April 20
Carla Martínez Machain, University at Buffalo
Beyond the Wire: US Military Deployments and Host Country Public Opinion
In-Person | Uris Hall, G08

Peace and Conflict Studies involves a wide range of scholarly topics. For a broader sense of what interests researchers and graduate trainees at the Reppy Institute, schedules for previous seminar topics are shared below.

Fall 2022

The full schedule for the Fall 2022 Seminar Series is available for download here

Spring 2022

The full schedule for the Spring 2022 Seminar Series is available for download here.

Fall 2021

This semester's seminar series was jointly presented by the Reppy Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies and the Gender and Security Sector Lab. The themes related to the focus of the GSS Lab: policing, the military, and peacekeeping/peacemaking.

The full schedule for the Fall 2021 Seminar Series is available for download here.

Spring 2021

This seminar series was organized as a reading group. We met met online from 11:25 AM-12:40 PM on Thursdays. Authors joined us for a discussion of their works, but did not deliver formal talks; instead, we spend most of our time discussing pre-circulated reading.

The authors and readings for this term focused on four key issues: authoritarianism, racism, gender, and cybersecurity.

The full schedule for the Spring 2021 Reading Group Series is available here.