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Seminars / Reading Group

Matthew Evangelista, Barry Strauss, and Peter Katzenstein
Left to right: Faculty members Matthew Evangelista, Barry Strauss, and Peter Katzenstein engaged in lively debate during a panel discussion.

PACS Seminar Series

This fall, the seminar will meet online from 11:25 AM-12:40 PM on Thursdays. Authors will join us for a discussion of their works and will deliver a formal talk followed by a Q&A. There will be a pre-circulated reading, which will be sent to participants upon registration. The authors and readings for this term will focus on gender and the security sector.

The full schedule for the Fall 2021 Seminar Series is available for download here.

Fall 2021

Presented by the Reppy Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies and the Gender and Security Sector Lab. 

September 16     Anjali Dayal, Incredible Commitments: How UN Peacekeeping Failures Shape Peace Processes (Cambridge University Press, 2021).

September 23     Chiara Ruffa, “Gender, Socialization, and Norms of Restraint: Findings from the US Military Academy at West Point,” working paper. 

September 30     Sarah Brayne, Predict and Surveil: Data, Discretion, and the Future of Policing (Oxford Scholarship Online, 2020).

October 07     Jonathan Mummolo, “The role of officer race and gender in police-civilian interactions in Chicago,” Science 371, 6530 (2021): 696–702.

October 14     GSS Lab Fellows, Current Research from the Gender and Security Sector Lab

October 21     Rachel Wahl, “Should we talk to the police? The relationship between dialogue and activism in police reform,” based on article published in Polity, vol 49, no 4 (2017): 489–517.

October 28     Madhav Joshi, “Actors, Time and Space in Peace Implementation Process: A New Research Agenda.” Registration link:

November 04     Kristine Eck, “Policing Armed Conflict,” working paper. Registration link:

November 11     Erica de Bruin, How to Prevent Coups d'Etat (Cornell University Press, 2020). Registration link:

November 18     Lindsay Cohn, “The Domestic Use of Federal Force and Civil-Military Relations in the Post-Reconstruction U.S., 1877-1921” from forthcoming book Posse: Domestic Use of Federal Forces and U.S. Civil-Military Relations. Registration link:

Peace and Conflict Studies involves a wide range of scholarly topics. For a broader sense of what interests researchers and graduate trainees at the Reppy Institute, a list of previous seminar topics is shared below.

Spring 2021

This seminar series was organized as a reading group. We met met online from 11:25 AM-12:40 PM on Thursdays. Authors joined us for a discussion of their works, but did not deliver formal talks; instead, we spend most of our time discussing pre-circulated reading.

The authors and readings for this term focused on four key issues: authoritarianism, racism, gender, and cybersecurity.

The full schedule for the Spring 2021 Reading Group Series is available here.