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Seminars / Reading Group

Matthew Evangelista, Barry Strauss, and Peter Katzenstein
Left to right: Faculty members Matthew Evangelista, Barry Strauss, and Peter Katzenstein engaged in lively debate during a panel discussion.

PACS Seminar Series

This spring, the seminar will meet online and in-person from 11:25 AM-12:40 PM on Thursdays. Locations will be announced each week in advance and in accordance with the University's latest Covid-19 guidelines. When cleared to meet in person, subsequent seminars will meet in Uris G-08.

Authors will lead a discussion of their works by delivering a formal talk followed by Q&A. There will be a pre-circulated reading, which will be sent to participants upon registration. The authors and readings for this term will focus on the role of diverse technologies—ranging from nuclear weapons, drones, sanctions, and maps—in advancing international peace and conflict; resistance to and critiques of militarism; and race, gender, and environmental justice.

In accordance with university event guidance, all campus visitors who are 12 years old or older must present a photo ID, as well as proof of vaccination for COVID-19 or results of a recent negative COVID-19 test. If you are not currently participating in the Cornell campus vaccination/testing program, please bring proof of vaccination or the results of a recent negative test. More information on acceptable documentation is available here

The full schedule for the Spring 2022 Seminar Series is available for download here.

Spring 2022

February 3
Nicholas Mulder, Cornell University (History)
The Economic Weapon: The Interwar Rise of Sanctions
Online only

February 10
Christine Leuenberger, Cornell University (STS) 
The Politics of Maps: Cartographic Constructions of Israel/Palestine
Online only

February 17 - *Note special time: 12:15pm – 1:30pm*
May Sabe Phyu, Director of Gender Equality Network (GEN) and Steering Committee member of Alliance for Gender Inclusion in the Peace Process (AGIPP) 
What's happening in Myanmar? Women, Peace and Security
Co-sponsored with the Southeast Asia Program
In-Person | Mann 102

February 24
Cristina Florea, Cornell University (History)
War and Statehood at the Eastern Periphery of Europe: Bukovina in World War I

March 3
Oumar Ba, Cornell University (Government)
The Most Serious Crimes of Concern to The International Community as a Whole?
Hybrid | Uris Hall, G08 and via Zoom

March 10
Amy Rutenberg, Iowa State University (History)
Greetings from Uncle Sam: Manpower Policy as Cipher in American History
Co-sponsored by the American Studies Program
Hybrid | Uris Hall, G08 and via Zoom

March 17
Henry Maar, California State University, Northridge (History) in conversation with Agnes Nimark (PACS)
Freeze! The Grassroots Movement to Halt the Arms Race and End the Cold War
Hybrid | Uris Hall, G08 and via Zoom

March 22 *Note special date* and March 24
Panel on Peacebuilding, Climate Change, and Migration
With support from the Migrations Initiative and co-sponsorship from the Institute for African Development, the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program, the South Asia Program, the Southeast Asia Program, and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.
Virtual workshop

April 14
Panel discussion with LTC Paul Lushenko, Cornell University (Government); LTC Keith Carter, Director of the Defense and Strategic Studies Program, the United States Military Academy; and Professor Emeritus William Maley, Australia National University
Drones and Global Order: Implications of Remote Warfare for International Society
Hybrid | Uris Hall, G08 and via Zoom
Cosponsored by the Department of Government, and the Department of Science & Technology Studies.

April 21
Panel discussion with Neta Crawford, Boston University (Political Science); Norm Uphoff, Cornell University (Professor Emeritus, Government); Matthew Evangelista, Cornell University (Government)
Revisiting The Air War in Indochina: American Strategic Bombing From Vietnam to the Present
Hybrid | Uris Hall, G08 and via Zoom

April 28
Meredith Terretta, University of Ottawa (History)
How the UN Trusteeship Council might have shaped a substantive decolonization—and why it didn’t
Hybrid | Uris Hall, G08 and via Zoom

Peace and Conflict Studies involves a wide range of scholarly topics. For a broader sense of what interests researchers and graduate trainees at the Reppy Institute, schedules for previous seminar topics are shared below.

Fall 2021

This semester's seminar series was jointly presented by the Reppy Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies and the Gender and Security Sector Lab. The themes related to the focus of the GSS Lab: policing, the military, and peacekeeping/peacemaking.

The full schedule for the Fall 2021 Seminar Series is available for download here.

Spring 2021

This seminar series was organized as a reading group. We met met online from 11:25 AM-12:40 PM on Thursdays. Authors joined us for a discussion of their works, but did not deliver formal talks; instead, we spend most of our time discussing pre-circulated reading.

The authors and readings for this term focused on four key issues: authoritarianism, racism, gender, and cybersecurity.

The full schedule for the Spring 2021 Reading Group Series is available here.