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Qualities of Life

As people and health care systems around the world confront a global pandemic, assessments of quality of life (QOL) shape decisions about who should receive health care, what sort of care is appropriate, and how health care systems should triage patients.

The qualities of life team works at the intersection of medicine, ecology, art, and theory to understand how ecological and bodily health are related and intervene in QOL debates and the forms of (e)valuation they involve.

Themes and Projects

Woman working in a garden

The team catalyzes research, writing, art, and teaching that build the capacities and vitality of bodies and landscapes across North America, East Africa, and South Asia. Major projects are organized around three themes:

  • Provincializing planetary health
  • Healing in the Anthropocene
  • Toxicity

Ecological Learning Collaboratory

Now complete, this interdisciplinary collaboration among Cornell faculty and their partners in Tanzania, Malawi, and India drew on established relations between Cornell and organizations in South Asia and Africa that support the health of their communities. Read about the Ecological Learning Collaboratory project.


Stacey Langwick


Tom Seeley, Kate Dickin, Rachel Bezner Kerr, Neema Kudva (SAP), Alex Travis (IAD/SEAP), Karen Purcell, Ralph Christy (IAD), Nancy Chau, Emily Detrick, Jane Mt. Pleasant (LACS)

International Partners