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Whether natural or manmade, disasters always arise from an interaction of human and environmental factors. In the face of disasters’ growing economic and social costs, we are searching for ways to develop sustainable public policy solutions.  

Firefighter Walking into Burning Building

The Einaudi Center’s interdisciplinary team on disasters aims to foster public awareness and research on international disaster preparedness, recovery, and resilience. By promoting collaboration among social, physical, and behavioral scientists at Cornell, this team is working to improve individual and collective responses to disasters in New York State and around the world. 

New from the Team

Maryam Golnaraghi (Geneva Association) joined team members and partners at Cornell Atkinson in September 2019 to discuss climate crisis responses in the private and public sectors.

The team brought Athena Atktipis (Arizona State University) to campus in April 2019 for a workshop on need-based transfer systems for disaster response.


Sharon Tennyson  


Shorna Allred, Rebecca Morganstern Brenner, Ying Hua, Linda Shi, Richard Stedman, Keith Tidball, John Zinda