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The Southeast Asia Program (SEAP) is the home for all scholars at Cornell conducting research on Southeast Asia.

Graduate Student

Degree Pursued: PhD

Anticipated Degree Year: 2026

Committee chair/advisor: Chiara Formichi

Discipline: Asian Studies

Visiting Fellow

Kirsten Kamphuis is a gender historian of late-colonial and decolonizing Indonesia. She is currently affiliated with the Cluster of Excellence for Religion and Politics at Münster University, Germany, as a junior researcher.

Bierman Distinguished Professor of Management

Andrew Karolyi's research focuses on investment management and international financial markets.

Assistant Professor, Saint Louis University

Nori Katagiri is assistant professor of political science at Saint Louis University. He teaches and conducts research on international relations, security studies, and East Asia.

Associate Professor, SUNY-Brockport

Neal Keating is a cultural anthropologist interested in the problems of structural power in the contemporary world.

Senior Lecturer, Burmese

Yu Yu Khaing has been teaching Burmese at Cornell since 2015 and has developed a variety of teaching materials including multimedia courses. She continues to expand her offerings on the Web Audio Lab platform.

Graduate Student

Degree Pursued: MBA

Anticipated Degree Year: 2023

Discipline: Business

Primary Language: Mandarin

Research Countries: Thailand

Graduate Student

Anna researches visual culture of Cold War Laos. She focuses on cultural theories, visual representations of time, and temporality of Asian modernities - socialist, Buddhist, and others.

Graduate Student

Degree Pursued: PhD 

Anticipated Degree Year: 2017-2018

Committee chair/advisor: Lindy Williams

Discipline: Development Sociology

Research Countries: Indonesia

Graduate Student