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Past Awardees

Meet AY 2020-2021 Awardees

A total of $140,000 was awarded during the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 funding application cycles.

Abraham and Henrietta Brettschneider Oxford Exchange Fund

The purpose of this award is to facilitate academic exchanges between Cornell and Merton, New, and Nuffield Colleges of Oxford University (UK). Read more about this award.

Darragh Hare Headshot

Darragh Hare
"Solidifying long-term Cornell-Oxford research partnerships on environmental behavior and morality"

Jennifer Rabedeau Headshot

Jennifer Rabedeau
"Medieval Afterlives: Ornament and Empire in Victorian Britain"

Samantha Wesner

Samantha Wesner
"Galvanizing the Citizen: Electricity and Revolutionary Energy in the Age of Democratic Revolutions"

Xuewen (Shelley) Yan Headshot

Xuewen (Shelley) Yan
"A missing link in the hegemony of English in academia: The case of social sciences in China"

Katherine Zaslavsky Headshot

Katherine Zaslavsky
"A Global Experimental Approach to Race, Immigration, and Inequality"

Frederic Conger Wood Research Fellowship

Established in 1993 with a generous bequest from the estate of Cornell alumnus and trustee, Frederic Conger Wood, this award supports research in Europe by undergraduates. Read more about this award.

Chloe Tsui Headshot

Chloe Tsui
"Charting Chinatown: From Public Health to Intangible Borders of Limehouse"

IES Graduate Research Grant

This award is available to graduate students in any field of study whose research is focused on the study of Europe and its global impact. Read more about this award.

Ani Chen Headshot

Ani Chen
"Voices of Authority: On Staging the Politics of Exclusion from Aristotle to Simone de Beauvoir" 

Mary Jane Dempsey Headshot

Mary Jane Dempsey
"Remember to Forget: Migration, Gender, and Transnational Identities in Twentieth Century Italy"

Rebecca Gerdes Headshot

Rebecca Gerdes
"Shaping the study of past European food systems: New approaches to archaeological food residues in Mediterranean pottery"

Aslihan Gunhan Headshot

Aslihan Gunhan
"Displaced Modernities: The Ottoman Empire, Turkey and Specters of Armenian Architects"

Nina Obermeier Headshot

Nina Obermeier
"We are (almost) all internationalists now: How right-wing populism drives support for international economic integration in post-crisis Europe"

Aimée Plukker Headshot

Aimée Plukker
"Europe Calling: The Marshall Plan, U.S. Tourism to Europe, and the Making of 'the West'"

Ecem Saricayir Headshot

Ecem Saricayir
"Architecture of the Borderlands: Displacement, Resettlement, and Alternative Solidarities in the South Caucasus 1878-1993"

Jacqueline Tackett Headshot

Jacqueline Tackett
"Experimental Literature and Science Fiction: Agency and Futurity in Postwar and Contemporary German Literature"

Luigi Einaudi Graduate Dissertation Fellowship

This award is a full-year fellowship available to graduate students in modern European government, history, economics, and related social science fields. Read more about this award.

Sena Aydin Bergfalk Headshot

Sena Aydin Bergfalk
"Stuck in-Between: Urban Governance, Place-Making, and Infrastructure in Barcelona"

Tessy Schlosser

Tessy Schlosser
"Cruising metaphors of power with Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz"

Manon Michels Einaudi Grant

This graduate research grant offered in the name of Manon Michels Einaudi honors the memory of a Cornell faculty wife and mother whose life exemplified much of the beauty of Western civilization. Read more about this award.

Samantha Heinle Headshot

Samantha Heinle
"Kafka in Musical Translation"

Michael J. Harum Memorial Award for Students of Slavic Languages

This award was established with generous contributions from Michael's family, the Institute for European Studies, and many others who loved and respected this extraordinary man. Read more about this award.

Louisa Weldy Headshot

Louisa Weldy
"The Impacts of Brexit on Polish Migration Trends"

Alexander Symons
"Pushkin State Russian Language Institute Summer School"

Michele Sicca Research Grant

This award was created by the late Mario Einaudi, Goldwin Smith Professor of International and Comparative Politics and former Director of the Center for International Studies. Michele Sicca was an anti-fascist physician with whom Professor Einaudi worked in exile during the Mussolini period. Read more about this award.

Juan-Jacques Aupiais Headshot

Juan-Jacques Aupiais
"Anti-Racist Creolité: Rereading Grimm, Frenssen, Witboo"

Labib Hossain Headshot

Labib Hossain
"The Discourse of Contained Water in Colonial Bengal: Separation of land and water in the making of ‘dry’ Dacca"

Du Fei Headshot

Due Fei
"Together but Separate: Law, Urban Environment, and Inter-Communal Relationship in Three Early Modern Indian Ocean Port Cities"

Craig Lyons Headshot

Craig Lyons
"Strange Sea Kings: The Norse Diaspora in Dublin, 1014-121"

Michael Moynihan Headshot

Michael Moynihan
"All Systems Go: architects, experts, and system-cybernetic governance in Latin America, 1973-1982"

John Un Headshot

John Un
"Am Ende war das Wort" -- An Investigation into Eschatological Imaginaries"

Xinwei Xu Headshot

Xinwei Xu
"What Do We Share in Common? A Relational Account of Inter-Ethnic Boundaries in Adolescent Friendship Networks in Four European Countries"

Sidney Tarrow Paper Prize

This award was created to honor Professor Tarrow's leadership in European Studies at Cornell and to extend his legacy of path-breaking work in comparative political science and social movement studies. Read more about this award.

Emir Yigit Headshot

Emir Yigit
"State, Community and Exchange: Jewish Alienation and Jewish Emancipation between Hegel and Marx"

Susan Tarrow Fellowship for Research in Europe

This award was established in 2005 in honor of the former Associate Director of the Institute for European Studies from 1985-2005. One of Tarrow's priorities was to establish funding to enable Cornell undergraduate students to pursue summer field research in Europe and to provide them with the intellectual and practical advising they needed at all stages of their projects. Read more about this award.

Shirley Le Penne Headshot

Shirley Le Penne
"No Exi(s)t? Choosing Life Amidst Life Sentence"