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The Institute for African Development (IAD) is an interdisciplinary nucleus for the study of Africa with the overarching goal of strengthening and expanding the depth and breadth of African development studies. Based in Ithaca, our impact reaches far beyond our physical location. More than 40 IAD-affiliated faculty from across Cornell conduct research and teach courses related to African development. More than 300 IAD graduate fellows now work in government, NGOs, academic institutions, and international organizations on the African continent—testament to the institute's diverse constituency and impact. IAD is supported by an Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Languages (UISFL) grant from the U.S. Department of Education.


"Bògòlan is a very important component of Bamana culture as this cloth is an essential part of most Bamana initiation and ritual events.  . .
Thursday, March 16, 2023       2:40pm      G-08 Uris Hall

Einaudi Directors Defend Hubs, Academic Freedom

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Application Deadline: May 1st, 2023
The Bouriez Family Fellowship, administered by the Institute for African Development (IAD), sponsors exceptional students from Francophone Africa as they pursue professional training
The Science/Policy Interface in Africa        CRP 4770/6770                  GDEV 4770/6770
Forum that provides a space where academics, researchers, and policy makers exchange views on current political, economic, legal, and social issues on African development.
Professor, Entomology
Associate Professor, City and Regional Planning
Maxwell M. Upson Professor of Government
Visiting Scholar
Tinenenji Banda

Institute for African Development

Andreu Sola-Martin

Institute for African Development