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IAD Africa Summer Internship Program


The Institute for African Development Africa Summer Research Internship Program reinforces academic learning by providing undergraduates the opportunity to actively engage and conduct research with individuals and organizations directly involved in policy and program development in Africa.

The institute and its partners view the internships as integral to the students’ education, immersing them in field experiences that seek to achieve awareness of developmental challenges, enhance research skills and intercultural understanding. Interns work closely with a supervisor, alumni and peers on development-related challenges including court efficiency, STEM, labor, gender, land tenure, nutrition and food security, migration, and conservation.

The internship is open to all enrolled sophomores, juniors, and rising seniors. Applicants are required to attend at least two presentations offered within the CRP 4700 Issues in African Development, must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and must commit to the full eight-week placement in country. 

Applications open in November.  For more information, contact / 

The internships are funded in part by the UISFL grant from the Department of Education and IAD. 

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