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Lourdes Benería Award

Bogota, Colombia Cityscape

The Lourdes Benería Award for summer field research helps fund students studying gender and planning in Latin America or the Caribbean.

The award was established in AY 2018-19 with endowed funding from Lourdes Benería, for which the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program and the beneficiary students are extremely grateful. LASP manages the awards, which fund up to $2,000 in in-country travel and field expenses directly related to dissertation or project paper research, not conference travel or international airfare.


Recipients must be enrolled (full-time or in absentia) in a graduate degree program and be registered at the time of the award. Students must be Cornellians doing research in Latin America or the Caribbean. 

How to Apply

This application opens on November 15, 2021. Please request an application by emailing the LACS program manager. When sending your application back, put "Lourdes Benería  Applic Summer 2021" in the subject line.

Additional Information

Funding Type

  • Travel Grant


  • Student