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IAD Africa Summer Internships


Application Deadline: January 15, 2023

The Institute for African Development (IAD) Africa Summer Research Internship Program reinforces academic learning by providing undergraduates the opportunity to actively engage and conduct research with individuals and organizations directly involved in policy and program development in Africa. Internships are based in Ghana, Zambia, and The Gambia.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Cornell rising sophomore, junior, or senior in good academic standing;
  • Must attend one of the presentations in the IAD Seminar Series (no exceptions) or conversation hours;
  • Six to Eight week commitment along with pre-departure meetings and post-internship reflection and meetings.

IAD internships are funded by an Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language (UISFL) grant from the U.S. Department of Education, the Einaudi Center, and the Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs.


Food Security – University of Ghana (2 positions)

Interns will work with peers in identifying neglected and underutilized crop species with potential to address climate change related problems and food security challenges.

Sea Turtles Conservation – Ghana (2 positions)

Interns will work with GapNet and the Ghana Wildlife Association and local communities in studying migratory habits and community conservation of sea turtles. Interns will work in groups to monitor/tag nesting sea turtles and create training modules to assist in educating the public about the benefits of ecosystem conservation.

Population Council – Ghana (2 positions)

Intern will engage in research related to health and population control and prepare briefs and info materials. Must have a social science or health background. Some familiarity with quantitative and qualitative research and must possess strong writing and editing skills. Interns who speak French are encouraged to apply.

GAPNET – Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Ministry of Fishery and Aquaculture Development - Ghana (2 positions)

Interns will study and research animal health policies, regulations, and laws on animal health and welfare with the Veterinary Service or Ghana Health Service. Interns will conduct research and have practical experience working with poultry and aquaculture farmers at different locations with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Ministry of Fishery and Aquaculture Development.

Education and Leadership – Ghana (2 positions)

Intern will apply classroom-based knowledge to projects and gain essential skills needed to be career ready. Lead For Ghana is dedicated to developing successful leaders through mentoring, research, peer to peer teamwork.   Student must be flexible and able to accommodate multiple projects simultaneously, across a fast-paced, and multi-functional team, with tight deadlines.

Ports Authority – Maritime and River/Ocean Transportation – The Gambia (1 position)

Intern will conduct research related to maritime transportation, route development and navigation, assess the role of transport for accelerated growth and community linkages.  Some basic knowledge of oceanography and transportation.

Women in Law and Development in Africa – Zambia (1 position)

Interns research will focus on ways to promote the development of the policy and legal environment which protects women’s rights in Zambia through capacity building, advocacy, outreach and information sharing.

HarvestFund – Zambia (1 position)

Intern will conduct research and work with a team to empower women farmers through microfinance, sustainable agriculture training and efficient technologies. Intern must be flexible and adaptable.

Southern African Institute for Policy and Research – Zambia (3 positions)

Interns will conduct research on migration, justice, gender, economic policies, sustainable agriculture, mining legislation, and conservation and wildlife (connectivity corridor, cooperative community management in animal conservation). Research legislation on policies impacting social and economic policies, prepare reports, updating social media platforms, and writing copy for posts and presentations. A demonstrated interest in governance/legal, natural resource/gender/issues; Strong writing, analytical, and internet-based research skills; Experience with fact-checking and data collection.  Familiarity and experience with qualitative and quantitative research and analysis; Language proficiency in English.

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