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EAP Global Summer Internship

Nancy Liang ’21 at the National Taiwan Library

Application Deadline: January 15, 2023

Spend your summer in East Asia as a research intern, build a relationship with a faculty mentor, and gain hands-on experience abroad.

Taiwan’s Labor Movements in the Global Economy - Taiwan

Host Organization: National Taiwan University

Spend six weeks in Taipei, Taiwan practicing your Mandarin while gaining valuable research skills. 

Under the mentorship of Professor Ming-sho Ho (National Taiwan University) and Eli Friedman (Cornell University), you’ll contribute to the research project, "Taiwan’s Labor Movements in the Global Economy: The Impact of Economic Integration with China on Taiwan's Workers." While studying the impact of Taiwan’s economic integration with China on Taiwanese workers over the last thirty years, your responsibilities will include collecting archival materials, conducting interviews, and contributing to preliminary analysis—skills that you can learn on the job!

Fluency in Mandarin and written Chinese (traditional characters) is required. The internship will run from approximately June 1, 2023 to July 15, 2023, but the final schedule will be decided in consultation with the professors prior to the start of the internship.

Abstract: Taiwan’s Labor Movements in the Global Economy

In the span of a few short decades of neoliberal globalization, the fate of Taiwan’s working class has shifted dramatically. Integration into the global economy produced decades of high-speed growth beginning in the 1960s, helping to lift millions out of poverty. But by the early 21st century, Taiwan was already experiencing strong negative consequences: offshoring of production and deindustrialization, stagnating wages, and growing inequality. While many Taiwanese corporations benefited immensely from increased access to workers and markets in China and Southeast Asia, Taiwan’s workers have faced increased economic pressures. 

This research project investigates the impact of economic integration with China on Taiwanese workers. We are interested in documenting how diverse labor actors have either embraced or resisted deeper global integration, how the contours of the debate have evolved along with economic and geopolitical shifts, and to what extent the labor movement has emphasized transnational vs. domestic issues.   


Students will receive a stipend for participating in the internship that will be disbursed in two installments at the start and end of the internship. The second installment of the stipend will be contingent upon a positive mid-internship review and successful completion of the internship.


To apply, you must be:

  • A rising sophomore, junior, or senior at Cornell.
  • In good standing academically with a cumulative 3.0 GPA minimum and have no unresolved disciplinary charges or sanctions.
  • Enrolled in an undergraduate degree program at the time of the internship.


Students must be able to commit 30–35 hours per week during the internship. Over this period, you will work six to seven hours per day, five days per week. Interns are not permitted to hold other full-time jobs. Some adjustment of the six weeks may be feasible.

Interns are required to complete a mid-internship survey and a concluding reflection and evaluation survey.

How to Apply

Submit your application by January 15, 2023, and select “EAP Taiwan's Labor Movements in the Global Economy” as one of your top three choices.

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