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Sachiko Ohno

Headshot of Sachiko Ohno

Visiting Fellow

Sachiko Ohno is a Visiting Fellow at SEAP from 2022 to 2023. Her expertise is in Marketing and Consumer Behavior. She received a Ph.D. in Business Administration in 2014 from Keio University in Japan with a thesis on how emotions of guilt can motivate consumer behavior. Currently she is an associate professor at Wako University in Tokyo, Japan, where she instructs courses on Japanese Marketing Communications and Marketing Research. She also collaborates on projects with the Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research society in Japan. One of these projects concerns how emotions can stimulate preventive consumer behavior in Japan, the United States, and Indonesia post-COVID-19. At SEAP, she is focusing on Indonesian consumer habits and emotions that motivate preventive behavior against diseases such as COVID-19 and influenza. For example, Japanese media coverage of COVID-19 often uses words that invoke emotions of guilt, while American media more often uses words with fearful connotations. In contrast, Indonesia is a multicultural nation with more diverse consumer habits. Dr. Ohno is excited to explore these topics with other SEAP members.

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