Nuclear Energy Working Group

Sequoya Nuclear Power Plant

The Nuclear Energy Working Group is a global network of scholars and professionals working on technical, legal, political, and financial issues related to the future of nuclear energy. The group is currently collaborating with Meridian 180 on an e-book comparing nuclear disaster compensation schemes in the United States, USSR/Russia/Ukraine/Belarus, and Japan.



Rebecca Slayton (science and technology studies), Hirokazu Miyazaki (anthropology)


Yuki Ashina (Hinodecho Law Office, Japan), Haejoang Cho (professor emerita of anthropology, Yonsei University, Korea), Nobuyo Fujinaga (Osaka Citizens’ Network), Vincent Ialenti (PhD candidate, anthropology, Cornell), Mary Mitchell (postdoctoral fellow, Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future), Hiroyuki Mori (policy science, Ritsumeikan University, Japan, and visiting scholar, Cornell East Asia Program), Kim Eric Möric (partner, DLA Piper law firm, Brussels), Judith Reppy (professor emerita, peace and Cconflict studies, Cornell), Annelise Riles (law and anthropology, Cornell), Sonja Schmid (science and technology studies, Virginia Tech), Satsuki Takahashi (anthropology, George Mason University), Dai Yokomizo (law, Nagoya University).