Seed Grant Recipients

Project Title Recipients
A Cross-Linguistic Study of Young Bilingual Children's Language Development: Korean-English Children's Bilingualism

Barbara Lust (Human Development)

An Ethnographic and Legal Collaboration to Develop a Hemispheric Institute for Carceral Studies

Chris Garces (Anthropology)

An Ethnography of PT Sampoerna and Clove Cigarettes in Indonesia

Mariana Welker (Anthropology)

Building Cornell – Chile collaborations in marine science and metagenomics through exploration of viruses in the Chilean sea urchin Loxechinus albus

Ian Hewson (Microbiology)

Capital Obsolescence and Agricultural Productivity

Julieta Caunedo (Economics)

Capturing Cross-Cultural Emotions of Designed Environments: The Case for High-Fidelity 3D Simulations with Psycho-physiological Measures

So-Yeon Yoon (Department of Design and Environmental Analysis)

Causal Effects of Natural Resource Degradation on Health and Livelihoods in Poor Communities in Indonesia

Christopher Barrett (Applied Economics and Management)

China/Burma Media Arts Exchange Pilot

John Paul Sniadecki (Performing and Media Arts Department)

Collaborative International Studies of Influenza Virus Evolution and Host Range

Colin Parrish (Microbiology & Immunology)

Development of a Meaningful International Internship Program in the Southern Mexican State of Chiapas

Peter Hobbs (International Programs in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences)

Development of a Research Network with Singapore for the study of Chikungunya and other emerging viral infections

Mirella Salvatore (Weill Cornell Medical College)

Development of a “Cornell in Cambodia” Study Abroad Infrastructure

Andrew Mertha (Government)

Development of an International SRI Research Network

Erika Styger (SRI International Network and Resources Center)Jim Morris-Knower (Mann Library)John Duxbury (Department of Crop and Soil Sciences)

Development of Collective Bargaining in China: A Multidisciplinary International Conference and Research Project

Sarosh Kuruvilla (Industrial and Labor Relations)

Ecosystem Service Valuation in Myanmar

Gregory Poe (Applied Economics and Management)

Education Services in Urban India: Demand, Use, and Gender Bias

Jim Berry (Department of Economics)

Establishing the Cornell—University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia) Marine Research and Education Network through Tropical Marine Virology

Ian Hewson (Microbiology)

Exploring the Use of Organic Compounds Extracted from Native Plants of the Andean Mountains as Precursors for the Synthesis of Nanomaterials: Furcraea Andina and Drimys winteri Chilenses

Juan Hinestroza (Department of Fiber Science and Apparel Design)

His and her earnings following parenthood and implications for social inequality: Cohort and cross-national comparisons

Kelly Musick (Policy Analysis and Management) 

Interaction and Collaboration in Modern Workplace in Japan: 'Shared Context' for Knowledge Creation

Ying Hua (Department of Design and Environmental Analysis)

Laying the Foundation for Ottoman & Turkish Studies at an Internationalized Cornell University

Mostafa Minawi (History)

Leveraging the Commercialization of Animal Bone-Derived Biofertilizers to Create Entrepreneurship Opportunities for Landless Poor in Ethiopia

Garrick Blalock (Applied Economics and Management)

Life Abroad: Spanish-Speaking Communities in non-Spanish-Speaking Cities in the Americas, 1750-1850

Ernesto Bassi (History)

Living on the Edge: Identity and Exchange at the Ancient Border Town of Abel Beth Maacah, Israel

Lauren Monroe (Department of Near Eastern Studies)

Music and Memory in the New African Diaspora

Catherine Appert (Music)

New data collection effort for understanding elite and public responses to the Eurozone economic crisis, with evidence from Spain

Alex Kuo (Government)

New data collection effort for understanding elite and public responses to the Eurozone economic crisis, with evidence from Spain

Alex Kuo (Government)

Nutrition and Infection: Building Collaborative Research to Improve Population Health in Ecuador

Julie Finkelstein (Nutritional Sciences)

Optimizing biological nitrogen fixation and nitrogen cycling in maize push-pull systems

Laurie Drinkwater (Horticulture)

Parties, Movements, and Populism: The Political Effects of Economic Crisis in Southern Europe

Kenneth Roberts (Government)

Preferences of Firms During Economic Crisis: Proposal for Data Collection in Spain

Alexander Kuo (Department of Government)Jose Fernandez-Albertos (co-author, CSIC, Madrid, Spain)

Pursuing sustainability through community-engaged research in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve

Steven Wolf (Natural Resources)Neema Kudva (City & Regional Planning)Rebecca Stoltzfus (Nutritional Science)Andrew Willford (Anthropology)

Quantifying the Effects of Democratization

Sharon Poczter (Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management)

Refugees and Entrepreneurship

Wesley Sine (Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management)

Research Group for Middle Babylonian Documentation, Economy, and Population

Jonathan S. Tenney (Near East Studies)

Resilience and Ruination in Mountain Communities: Comparative Regional Settlement Dynamics in the South Caucasus from the Bronze Age to Today

Lori Khatchadourian (Near East Studies)

Secondhand Clothing, Development, and Transformation in Haiti

Tasha Lewis (Department of Fiber Science and Apparel Design)

Spatial Inequality and State Failure in Africa: A Data Base for Comparative Historical Analysis

Nicolas van de Walle (Government)

The Astronomical Observatories of Jai Singh: An immersive, interdisciplinary project for visualization and cultural awareness

Barry Perlus (Architecture Art and Planning)

The Political Economy of Taxation in Latin America

Gustavo Flores-Macias (Government)

The Value of Mandated Sick Pay Schemes for the US

Nicolas Ziebarth (Policy Analysis and Management)

Theater Between Home and Exile: New Palestinian Drama

Rebekah Maggor (Performing and Media Arts)

Tsunami Research and Education Program in the South China Sea Region

Philip L-F Liu (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Urban Watersheds and Rivers in Latin America

Brian Davis (Landscape Architecture)