The Einaudi Center publicizes research work of its faculty and visiting scholars:

  • Working Paper Series: The Einaudi Center offers faculty and visiting scholars the opportunity to publicize research work more widely in a more timely and cost-effective manner as electronic working papers.

The Einaudi Center also represents and publicizes Cornell's international programs both on campus and beyond the university:

  • Annual Report: Each year the Einaudi Center releases an annual report to highlight its own activities and core programs. Beginning in 1999, annual reports have been available online as PDF files.
  • Einaudi Center Overview Brochure: The Einaudi Center brochure summarizes our key areas of engagement and activities, highlights new and on-going initiatives, and presents our 8 core programs as well as associated international programs across campus. To receive copies of the brochure, please contact us.
  • Facts and Figures: This annually published report includes one-page statements from the Einaudi Center and core programs. All statements have a comparable structure; they describe the program, highlight research, teaching, and outreach activities, and summarize available resources.
  • Einaudi Flyer: The Einaudi Center flyer is published annually and features the highlights of the Center and core programs. To receive a copy of the flyer please contact us.
  • Newsletter: Every first Monday during the academic year the Einaudi Center publishes an e-newsletter with upcoming events, funding information, news from the Center and our associated Programs, and other timely issues related to international studies at Cornell. To receive the newsletter, please subscribe to our mailing list or visit the news archive.