The Einaudi Center houses eight faculty-led programs in Uris Hall, and extends its umbrella to two others off site. 

Area studies 

Cornell Institute for European Studies

Through courses, research initiatives, grant-making, seminars, and special events, CIES works to make the study of European languages, culture, and society an integral part of a Cornell education. 

East Asia Program

EAP supports a campus-wide network of specialists in contemporary and historical East Asia. The Cornell East Asia Series has published more than 150 books.

Institute for African Development

IAD fosters and strengthens the study of Africa at Cornell through research and teaching, seminars and publications, academic exchanges, and interdisciplinary collaboration. 

Latin American Studies Program

LASP facilitataes learning about Latin America through courses, events, exchanges, and research collaborations with institutions in the U.S. and abroad.

Southeast Asia Program

SAP is a hub for Cornell students, faculty, staff, academic visitors, and community members interested in South Asia. As a National Resource Center, it supports the teaching and study of South Asian languages and societies. 

South Asia Program

SEAP is Cornell's center for research, teaching, and outreach on Southeast Asia. A National Reource Center since 1958, the program maintains one of the world's best library collections on the region. 

Thematic studies 

Judith Reppy Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies

The Reppy Institute supports resaearch and teaching on the problems of war and peace, arms control and disarmament, and instances of collective violence. 

Comparative Muslim Societies Program

CMSP serves as a forum for faculty and students engaged int the study of Muslim culture, society, and history in Muslim-majority and Muslim-minority countries. 


Meridian 180

A partnership with Cornell Law School, Merician 180 is a multidisciplinary, multilingal community of academics, policymakers, and though leaders dedicated to transforming the transpacific dialogue. 

Cornell Institute for China Economic Research

Affiliated with the East Asia Program, CICER draws faculty from across campus and works with researchers aroung the world.