SASAKAWA PEACE FOUNDATION (SPF): Interface Issues Between Science and Technology and Society

Thursday, October 31, 2019 - 23:59
Social Sciences


The transition to a knowledge-based society has been accompanied by recognition that the findings of scientific research are a source of wealth creation, and by an increasing emphasis on intellectual property. Such resources, however, are available to some countries but not to others, and situations are arising in which needed technology and intellectual property cannot be used to serve the public interest. At the same time, it has become possible even for countries that lack natural resources to attain international eminence in specific fields by skillfully taking advantage of the accelerating flow of information, people, and technology across borders due to the globalization. SPF supports initiatives to enable nations and societies that lack technology or intellectual property to enjoy the benefits of science and technology (such as by transfers of technology and the formation of knowledge and information networks and platforms for technology through interregional cooperation) and efforts to consider new mechanisms for technological development that fall outside the framework of intellectual property, such as open-source development for the public benefit.

Application Deadline Information: As projects eligible for SPF grants begin on April 1, in principle, the deadline for applications (to arrive at SPF) is the last day of October the previous year. However, applications may be submitted at any time.