Sunday, June 30, 2019 - 23:59


THIS IS AN INTERNAL DEADLINE ONLY. The Christensen Fund is currently in the process of reviewing the next iteration of grantmaking themes, priorities and strategies. They began this process at the end of 2017 and it will continue through 2018. During this review period, the Christensen Fund will not have an open call for applications for funding in 2019.  PLEASE CHECK THE WEBSITE FOR UPDATES.

The Global Program complements the work of the regional programs by addressing key policy and conceptual challenges through linking grassroots stewards and activists with global institutions, thought leaders and policy processes. The Fund supports opportunities for impact through new media; collaborations between Indigenous Peoples, local communities, scientists, international agency officials and policy specialists; and programs to enable Indigenous Peoples and local communities to network, travel and train together in order to share what they are learning at a local level.

To increase the understanding of the interdependence between biological and cultural diversity, and the importance of local stewards and Indigenous Peoples in the maintenance of this diversity, the Global Program focusses on three primary themes:

- Indigenous Peoples’ and Local Communities’ Biocultural Rights and Representation

- Resilient Biocultural Landscapes

- Agrobiodiversity and Food Sovereignty