Rosalie, Purvis: Travel Grant - 2017-2018

College of Arts and Sciences
Project Title: 
Refugee Radio Hamburg: A Best Practice Model for Facilitating Refugee Narratives
Project Abstract: 
2017 finds Germany at the heart of an unprecedented crisis of internationally displaced people. Germany’s future depends on its people’s ability to compassionately receive the countless refugees it has recently admitted. A well-harnessed narrative can earn a political migrant entry, refugee status, a pathway to integration and ultimately success in a new nation. However, facilitating these narratives proves challenging in practice. Refugeeradio Network is an independent media outlet based in Hamburg, founded by refugees. The station’s Refugee Voices Show models best practices for how to effectively nurture, facilitate and disseminate refugee narratives with subject agency, cross-cultural communication as well as esthetic efficacy. My research aims to analyze these methods in practice and determine how they can be replicated in similar high-stakes, inter-cultural scenarios.