Pompano, Laura: Travel Grant - 2017-2018

College of Human Ecology
Nutritional Sciences
Project Title: 
Intensive Summer Language study - Airfare
Project Abstract: 
I am requesting funding for airfare to attend an intensive summer language program in Kunming, China. My graduate research took place in China and addresses the effects of iron deficiency on muscle function and physical fitness of female Chinese university students. For my research, I spent nearly 2.5 years in Shanghai and Kunming collecting data, including several surveys. While I speak Chinese at a highly proficient level and was able to conduct my research entirely in Chinese, my reading and translational skills are not currently adequate to translate these surveys, which are a key part of my dissertation. My advisor has therefore recommended that I dedicate the summer of 2017 to studying advanced Chinese at an intensive program in China, with a focus on translation and reading. We have applied for a grant to cover the tuition of an intensive language program, but still require funding to cover the roundtrip airfare. Therefore, I am requesting $1,800 to purchase a round trip ticket to Kunming, China to complete my summer language program.