Song, Xisai: Travel Grant - 2017-2018

Graduate School
Project Title: 
Archival Research on Medical Malpractice in China
Project Abstract: 
In the summer of 2017, I am going to conduct a six-week archival research in a county archives in China. I will investigate how the usage of the term, “medical malpractice” (“yi liao shi gu” in Chinese), has changed from early socialist period to contemporary China and to examine the social, political and ideological implications of “yi liao shi gu” in China. Situated in a county in southwestern China, my project seeks to examine what counts as medical malpractice. In addition, the project will also investigate how sociocultural, historical, economic, and political factors play into boundary-making processes meant to distinguish “good” medical practice from malpractices. This summer research will be a crucial preparation for my long-term ethnographic fieldwork in a Chinese county hospital in 2018-19.