Bosworth, Amanda: Travel Grant - 2017-2018

College of Arts and Sciences
Project Title: 
Maritime Maneuvers: North Pacific Relations Across the Russian Arc of Empire, 1867-1939
Project Abstract: 
My dissertation examines maritime interactions between Russia, the United States, and Canada from the mid-nineteenth to the early-twentieth century. This project requires research in Russia (not yet started), the United States (in progress), and Canada (already completed). I am seeking funding for the Russia component, and the most important documents to my project are held in St. Petersburg. After Russia sold its overseas colonies to the United States in 1867, the former virtually disappears from the historical literature on the Pacific world. Where Russia is present, historians tend not to draw on Russian archival sources. My interdisciplinary project tells a transnational history of the Pacific that brings Russia back into the story with Russian-language material. This dissertation, which ends before World War II and the Cold War began, shows that conflict was not always the modus operandi in Russian relations with the West.