Jackson, Lauren: Travel Grant - 2016-2017

Graduate School
Project Title: 
St. Eustatius and the Challenge to Atlantic British Trade
Project Abstract: 
My project examines the role of the Dutch Caribbean of St. Eustatius in both the complex world of eighteenth-century Atlantic trade and imperial ambitions. St. Eustatius, famous for being a free trade port, achieved dizzying success and equally rapid disaster by exploiting wartime conflict. By examining the island’s trading practices and the reaction of the British Empire to these practices, I hope to explore why such a small island was seen as a threat to traditional eighteenth-century notions of empire. To do so, I propose a 2-3 week trip to London to visit the National Archives and Caird Library in order to view naval and governmental documents relating to St. Eustatius’s capture and plunder by the British Navy.