Hansen, Lauren: Travel Grant - 2016-2017

College of Architecture, Art, and Planning
City and Regional Planning
Project Title: 
Stuck in the Middle: Development, Urban Ethnopolitics, and the Fight for Moral Authority in the Uyghur City
Project Abstract: 
During my 2013-2014 fieldwork, I examined the nexus of relations that bind Chinese-style development, social policies in Xinjiang, upward mobility, and social change within Uyghur society. Now, with new social policies and surveillance strategies in place following a year of ethnopolitical violence, I will return to Urumqi in order to conduct additional observations and follow-up interviews. I will assess the ways in which changes in both state-society relations and in the development project itself have affected the ‘us-them’ categories created by the divergent responses of urban Uyghurs to the development project and the interrelated disparity in the techniques of government employed on those who ‘buy in’ and those who do not.