Hirfrfot, Kibrom: Travel Grant - 2016-2017

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Applied Economics and Management
Project Title: 
Intergenerational Effects of Childhood Shocks on Human Capital: Evidence from Ethiopia
Project Abstract: 
Early childhood environments have significant effect on childhood and later life outcomes. Much of the studies on the effects of early childhood shocks tended to focus on individuals who were directly exposed to shocks. There is limited understanding of the intergenerational transmission of shocks. This paper aims to bridge this gap. It uses the 1983-1985 Ethiopian famine as an exogenous source of variation to estimate the intergenerational effects of parental childhood shock on their children's human capital, and identify critical periods and duration thresholds of parental shock exposure. It also tests the mechanisms through which these intergenerational effects are channeled from parents to their children.