Vishwas, Amit: Travel Grant - 2016-2017

College of Arts and Sciences
Project Title: 
Characterizing the stellar populations of galaxies in the early Universe using the 2nd generation Redshift (z) Early Universe Spectrometer (ZEUS-2)
Project Abstract: 
Our investigation is focused on detecting far infrared fine structure lines from atomic and ionized Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen. These spectral lines are powerful probes of physical conditions of the interstellar medium enabling one to measure the critical parameters of star formation including the spatial extent, gas mass and strength of the UV field. ZEUS 2 employs the most sensitive superconducting detectors optimized to detect broad spectral lines at submm wavelengths opening new avenues of discovery. Using these observations, we can constrain under what conditions these building blocks of life are enriched and their correlation with energy sources, central black hole and/or star formation, powering the galaxies in the early Universe.