Caruth, Cathy : Small Grant, 2016-2017


Cathy Caruth (English and Comparative Literature)

Arts & Sciences
English and Comparative Literature
Project Title: 
Listening to Trauma Across Cultures
Project Abstract: 
I am seeking support for a two-day conference on traumatic testimony and experience across cultures/histories, scheduled to take place on 27th/28th April 2016, and titled “Listening to Trauma Across Cultures”. The conference will take place in Goldwin Smith/Klarman Hall and I am certain that it will attract Cornell faculty and students from many fields and disciplines. The idea behind this conference is to bring together various scholars working on trauma in diverse fields including law, cinema, theology, philosophy, historiography, translation studies and literature. Current graduate students from Cornell who work on trauma theory will also be invited to present. All the participants of this conference are invested in thinking through the theoretical and methodological questions that arise out of traumatic memory across cultures.