Ziebarth, Nicolas : Seed Grant 2015-2016


Nicolas Ziebarth (Policy Analysis and Management)

Human Ecology
Policy Analysis and Management
Project Title: 
The Value of Mandated Sick Pay Schemes for the US
Project Abstract: 
This research project will assess the impact and value of mandated sick pay for the US using a cross-national evaluation approach. The US is the only industrialized country worldwide without universal access to paid sick leave. Only half of all US employees have access to paid sick leave. The first part of the project will use the representative 2011 Sick Leave Supplement of the American Time Use Survey (ATUS) to picture and comprehensively assess the US sick leave landscape. The second part of the project will theoretically model the pros and cons of sick pay schemes. The third part of the research project will estimate the theoretical model using exogenous variation in the generosity of Germany’s federally mandated sick pay scheme. The goal is to estimate the impact of sick pay legislations on the spread of infectious diseases, wages, and employment prospects for low-wage workers.